Ducher Hans. Sundial nocturnal with a compss (triptych). 1597
Ducher Hans. Sundial nocturnal with a compss (triptych). 1597
МАЭ № 7717-7. МЛ-3708
Sundial nocturnal with a compss (triptych)
Ducher Hans
elephant ivory, brass, paper, paint, thread, lacquer
height 7.7; width 5.2
16-rhumb wind rose with rotating hand-pointer is on the surface of the 1st plate. Round through opening to observe compass is in the 2nd plate. On the 2nd plate is horizontal all-purpose dial with thread gnomon, adjusted to the latitude by a set of openings ( 42°, 45°, 48°, 51°, 54°). 5 hour scales 4-12-8. On the reverse side of the 2nd plate is sidereal clock (nocturnal), combined with pointer of lunar phases. In the deepening of the 3rd plate is round colored image of 16-rhumb wind rose. On the reverse side is rotating disc with scale 8-24, around the disc is scale 4-12-8. Disc pointer slides along the day length scale 8-16 with the symbols of Capricornus, Aries, Libran and Crab. Inscription of the 3rd plate: “Dеr spоtter sol nichts verachten, den er kins besser machen. M.D.XC.VII" (Jeerer must contemn nothing as he can do better.1597).
History of Science Monuments. 14th-19th centuries. Mikhail Lomonosov Museum