Palaima Vitautas, Balchikonis Yuozas. Male folk costume. 1960
Palaima Vitautas, Balchikonis Yuozas. Male folk costume. 1960
МАЭ И 2011-18
Male folk costume
Palaima Vitautas
Balchikonis Yuozas
Dyakonova Vera
Putilov Boris
Male folk costume The national dress of the Lithuanians is modest, simple in appearance. The ornamentation is plain the colours are neutral. The shirt is made of thin white linen, its cut is quite simple. The cuffs only are adorned with a picked pattern (“rinktis rastas”). The trousers are of a simple cut. The bottom part of the leg is taken in, narrowed and buttoned with a button so that it should be easier to tuck the trousers into the stockings. The stockings are white or light grey. The top of the stocking is finished off with a broad coloured band in an intricate design. The necktie consists of a narrow band of tissue in a mpicked pattern (“rinktis rastas”). The coat in Lithuanian called “sermega” (a kind of caftan of coarse heavy cloth) tight-fitting at the waist reaches the knees. It is made with a wide V-neck, without lapels and without a collar. The back of the coat is cut at the waist below which the coat is pleated. The pleats are emphasized with black thread or with black home-spun. The front, the neck, and the cuffs are adorned with black home-spun tape. The waist is girt with a broad belt woven in a picked design (“rinktine juosta”). The straw hat is decorated with a patterned tape (“rinktine juostele”).
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