Palaima Vitautas, Balchikonis Yuozas. Folk costume of the Dzukai women. 1960
Palaima Vitautas, Balchikonis Yuozas. Folk costume of the Dzukai women. 1960
МАЭ И 2011-15
Folk costume of the Dzukai women.
Palaima Vitautas
Balchikonis Yuozas
Dyakonova Vera
Putilov Boris
Folk costume of the Dzukai women. The costume of the Dzukai women is notable for light colouring, gay design, and a peculiar silhouette. The blouse of fine lawn is gathered at the neck. The rounded edge of the collar is crocheted with white thread. The gathered skirt is made of chequered cloth with a picked pattern in stars (“rinktos zvaigzdutes”). The bodice (“kiklikas”) is made of simple cloth with small transverse stripes the ground of which is in plain weave and the stripes in twill weave or in satin weave. The bodice with a low neck has a large lapel at the front, or a rounded cut.. To the waist are pieced four rounded skirts. The bodice is bordered with a woven tape along the edge. The apron is made of cloth with transversive stripes. The stripes consist of rows of smaller and larger cat’s paws woven in different colour in alternating rows. The waist is girdled with a belt in picked design (“rinktinis rastas”). The ground of the belt consists of white linen thread, the design of coloured wool thread. The head-dress consists of a netted cap (in Lithuanian called “kykas”) fastened to a fillet in picked design (“rinktine juosta”). The edges of the fillet are crocheted round with coloured thread. A ribbon in a picked design called in Lithuanian “kaisytinis rastas” is fastened at the back. The shawl is white, with light-green transverse stripes.
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