Palaima Vitautas, Balchikonis Yuozas. 1960
Palaima Vitautas, Balchikonis Yuozas. 1960
МАЭ И 2011-14
Palaima Vitautas
Balchikonis Yuozas
Dyakonova Vera
Putilov Boris
Folk costume of the Zanavyakai women The general colouring of the folk costume of the Zanavyakai women is rather dark because rich colours predominate. The blouse is made of thin white linen, with a broad collar and embroidery on the shoulders. The sleeves are long and wide. The sleeves ends are gathered, with tapes put through the gathers. Below the elbow the sleeves are embroidered with yellow thread in small fleur-de-lys design. The same design is embroidered on the sleeve ends, as a band across the breast, on the shoulders, and on the collar. The skirt of cloth with longitudinal stripes and narrow indistinct transverse stripes is very full (4 to 5 metres), with gathers. The bodice (“kiklikas”) is made of cloth in a small pattern aligned in transverse stripes. It is bell-shaped, flaring, with a broad V-neck, fastened at the front with large decorative metal hooks. The apron is the finest piece of the costume, rich in design and colour combinations. The pattern is built up of stylized lilies aligned into longitudinal stripes. The head-dress consists of a band of tissue in picked weave (“rinktine juosta”), with two ribbons fastened at the back. The waist is girt with a belt in picked weave (“rinktine juosta”). The shawl is light-coloured, with an embroidered or a picked design.
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