Palaima Vitautas, Balchikonis Yuozas. Folk costume of the Kapsai women. 1960
Palaima Vitautas, Balchikonis Yuozas. Folk costume of the Kapsai women. 1960
МАЭ И 2011-11
Folk costume of the Kapsai women.
Palaima Vitautas
Balchikonis Yuozas
Dyakonova Vera
Putilov Boris
Folk costume of the Kapsai women. The holiday attire of the Kapsai women is notable for its peculiar silhouette, interesting pattern, and rich palette. Most often neutral colours are mathched with vivid, saturated colours. The gay-coloured apron in an elaborated design matches harmoniously with the dark skirt in longitudinal stripes and the small-pattern bodice (“kiklikas”). The blouse is made of thin white linen. The sleeve ends, the front, the shoulders, and the collar are embroidered with white thread. The gathered skirt is very full, with longitudinal stripes, and a small pattern called in Linthuanian “dimuciai”. The bodice (“kiklikas” ) is made of small-pattern cloth stripped transversally. Th bodice is long, tight-fitting at the waist, flaring at the bottom, with an inset at the waist (the cut is shown in the drawing). The bodice is buttoned with cloth-covered buttons. The apron is decorative with large conventionalized flowers woven in coloured threads on a gray ground. The head-dress (a wreath-like fillet) is made of a pattern band of tissue adorned with flowers made of a silk ribbon. At the back of the fillet hang two coloured ribbons. The waist is girdled with a belt in picked weave (“rinktine juosta”). The shawl of white linen is adorned with an embroidered or a picked (“rinktinis”) design.
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