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A.A. Belikov - photographer and ethnographer
A.A. Belikov - photographer and ethnographer
Aleksandr Belikov (1883-1941) – photographer, educator, geographer, regional ethnographer. In 1926-1929 Beikov participated in a number of ethnographic and anthropological expeditions organized by Leningrad State University, Geographic Society of the USSR, Commission for Ethnic Research of the Peoples of the USSR in Leningrad Region and Karelian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic. Within these expeditions he made over a thousand photo-pictures presenting traditional cultures of the peoples inhabiting the regions under research. At the same time Aleksandr Belikov facilitated photography as the means of everyday life record in ethnographic studies and published a number of articles on this topic in photographic magazines in the USSR. Belikov participated in photo-exhibitions in Leningrad and Moscow. Aleksandr Belikov’s photographic heritage is unique. He succeeded in recording vanishing traditions of everyday village life, which since the late 1920s has been rapidly changing under industrialization and collectivization in the USSR.
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